Comp This: A One-Year Anniversary Rant

Comp This: A One-Year Anniversary Rant

(I apologize in advance…not much of the usual hilarity and hijinks here today.)

Okay, I’ll admit this topic has been talked to death already. Scott talked about it. Mark Jacobs used the power of drama to discuss it. Jeff Freeman nailed it (as usual).

I’m talking, of course, about Tobold being a faithless Commie who kills kittens with salad forks for fun ever since he received a free subscription from Mythic.


Now, the last time I checked, what Tobold did was not illegal, nor was it immoral. However, I find it interesting that somce of the people that are informed, entertained and amused by our mouthings and ramblings in the world of blogging are the ones that want to make damn sure we don’t get a thing out of it, because if we do, then we’re obviously corrupt.

That may be the most naive thing I’ve ever written about, and I’ll tell you why.

There’s no difference in that attitude and stating that “some gamers pirate games, so therefore all gamers are pirates”.

That method of reasoning used in the hallowed halls of game development has led to the current fun with DRM that everyone’s getting to enjoy on games like Spore. Every time you paint people with a broad brush you screw up the picture, and that’s all the furor over “Toboldgate” is…people assuming that, since they’re heard stories of other online writers being influenced by gifts from gaming companies, then anyone that accepts anything from a gaming company is automatically biased and not to be trusted.

Assuming that someone is biased toward a game because they received something from the company (because others have been in the past) goes hand-in-hand with a company assuming that just because some gamers have pirated games in the past, then all gamers are potential pirates and should be treated as such.

I write LagORama for the same reason that Tobold writes his blog; the same reason that Ethic writes on Kill Ten Rats; the same reason that Mark started up his new blog (well, maybe not that one; Jacobs’ blog is just his former career as a stand-up comic screaming to get out, and a desperate cry for attention)…because I love MMORPGs, and I love writing about them.

Today is a fairly neat day for the ol’ Lag…one year ago today, I published the first post on this blog (about, of all things, Huxley entering beta…I still can’t understand their website), and my one-year anniversary just happens to coincide with the day I get into Warhammer Online on the SE pre-order head start and finally join my friends in the Casualties of War; nice day all around. However, I’d like to share something with you…since I launched this blog, the ads you see around this post have brought in a grand total of $24 dollars.

In a year.

Very few bloggers in the MMORPG world do it for the money; we do it because we truly love this medium. Period. No matter which side of this debate we fall on. I’ve never had the opportunity to be offered a comp anything because of this blog (apparently, you have to have more than two regular readers for that, but I still appreciate you both), but I have had comps in the past, both in my day job and (more relevant to the MMO world) during my tenure at MMORadio, and I would do it again.

Yes, I am evil, aren’t I?

But understand this…if I get offered a free anything, the purpose it serves is to introduce me to another part of the MMORPG world that I might not otherwise be exposed to. I’m starting WAR today with a pre-order, and currently playing EQII with my wife as well.

I don’t have time for anything else I can get for free because of the time I spend on what I’m paying for, and yet I still check out free trials and the like on a much-too-regular basis, and would gladly check out a game I had a free account on. Why?

Because I love MMORPGs, and I love this blog. Checking out new things broadens my perspective, brings new things to my attention, and gives me an easy post enriches the content here…for better or worse.

I’ve been planning for a while to run a “One Year Anniversary” contest here on LagORama, just to have a big hoo-hah (technical blogging term) to celebrate, using a few things I’ve collected over the years and a couple more I plan to purchase just to be able to give them away, and I’ll be doing that in the next week or two so stick around for it.

I’ve met some great people through this blog…readers, gamers, developers and all sorts of nice humans (plus Jack Thompson), and I hope that continues for the foreseeable future.

But in the interest of full disclosure, some of the prizes will comped merchandise, some of them will be items I received at E3, and some of it I found in the dumpster behind a Chuck’E'Cheez in Austin.

If you think that makes me biased, I would ask you to please stop pirating games.

Thanks for a fantastic year!

- Dave “Inhibitor” Hughes (inhibitor at lagorama dot com)

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2 Responses to “Comp This: A One-Year Anniversary Rant”

  1. Hib,

    Your acceptance of any monetary rewards has not changed my opinion of you in any way.


  2. (leaves while Hib ponders his cryptic remark)

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