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MMOs Are A Three-Legged Stool

MMOs Are A Three-Legged Stool

It’s an old business clich√©, but it is for a reason. Have you ever had a stool with three legs? What happens if one leg is shorter than the other two? That’s right…it’s a wobbly experience, and the first stable chair that comes open you’re going to swap. Sometimes, it’s so wobbly that you’ll go [...]

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George Lucas Is Watching You

Okay, for the scant few fans of Star Wars or MMORPGs that just awoke from their coma, first of all congratulations! Glad to see you back. Second, LucasArts and Bioware made an announcement that stunned the internet today (since absolutely no one has known about this for the last two freakin’ years)…Star Wars: The Old [...]

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EvE Online – Ghost Training Whisperer Getting Hoarse

I’ve dabbled in EvE Online for over four years now, with my longest continuous stretch being about a year of that time. I’ve played the Empire side of things, co-owned a research POS in low-sec space, and lived, ratted and mined in 0.0 for a while. I’m familiar with EvE Online, to put it mildly. [...]

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What’s The Least-Successful MMORPG?

Most people would say that World of Warcraft is the most successful MMORPG. Why? Because of WoW’s success…with ten million subscriptions, it’s the pinnacle of success in the MMORPG world. This fact leads to endless proclamations of “the next WoW-Killer” every time a new MMO is announced. I’m as tired of the “Who’s the next [...]

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¬†Jeff Freeman was an “internet friend”…someone I never had the pleasure to meet in person, but someone that I had come to know through his blog, this blog and numerous emails and other communication. In fact, I had just fired one off to him…not five minutes before I heard the news…an email I’ll never get [...]

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The Leveling Pact…Commerce Waiting To Happen

Last week, NCSoft made a fairly major announcement…their Mission Architect content for “Issue 13″ in City of Heroes/Villains wasn’t going to be there. Cue the clouds of Forum Doom. But wait! They’ve got a ton of things that are going to be in Issue 13 (the CoX name for a free content update), and quite [...]

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Comp This: A One-Year Anniversary Rant

(I apologize in advance…not much of the usual hilarity and hijinks here today.) Okay, I’ll admit this topic has been talked to death already. Scott talked about it. Mark Jacobs used the power of drama to discuss it. Jeff Freeman nailed it (as usual). I’m talking, of course, about Tobold being a faithless Commie who [...]

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The Next Stephen Hawking May Currently Be A Night Elf Mohawk

As you and I both know, video gaming has no redeeming qualities, and certainly not MMORPGs, which are well known to lead to carpal-tunnel syndrome, the heartbreak of psoriasis and the rising price of lima beans. However, it’s nice to see that some are finally starting to notice some of the positive influences that come [...]

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Buy Your Way Into The WAR Open Beta

The debate over RMT (real money transactions, or real money trade, or “Hey Mom! Can I borrow the credit card? I need ten gold and a mount!”) has been going on for quite some time, with both sides firmly entrenched in the foxholes of their position. I’m not here to attempt to change anyone’s mind, [...]

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Does MMO Stand For Montauk Monster Online

I’d like to throw something out for fun, so just hang with me for a minute; we’ll return to MMO-land momentarily. Recently, we’ve had a spate of “cryptological discoveries” in the news: The Montauk Monster A Texas deputy filming what some think is a chupacabra A press conference this Friday to annouce that a bigfoot [...]

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